Two Times Timothy, Once!

I will sound like a broken record apologizing and promising to be consistent then sink back into the same place of not posting for weeks. At this point God understands but hey! Its March, I hope everyone is marching forward in God’s purpose and doing okay. Recently God has been teaching me so much on purpose and how to make the most out of this opportunity called life that he has given me; story for another day. I read second Timothy chapter one like days ago and I cannot hold back on the insights. Kick back friend and follow me gently as we read 2 Timothy chapter one. My study bible is HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible) and as most of you know, the word of God across versions is what ministers to me most. However for the purpose of this post and for us to be on the same page, I suggest you download the soft copy of this version on your Youversion bible app and let’s get right into it! I have recently started a new phase of life and like the over thinker I am, I was spiraling out of control with many thoughts in my head. Uncertainties, being steadfast in God, what the future holds and more, consumed my thoughts. I woke up by 2am to complete a writing job and I stopped to pray. I asked the Holy Spirit to take me to a place in the scripture that will offer me the succor, admonition, courage and more that I needed to forge ahead. The day before, I was listening to Apostle Joshua Selman preach and a scripture he quoted from 2 Timothy stuck to my head so as I opened the bible, I decided to read the entire chapter that led to that verse. Starting from verse 3, remembering to pray for our friends, family, country and everything is a message I don’t need to preach again. Apostle Paul tells Timothy of how fervently he prays for him and I am touched. Who do I pray for like that asides myself? Does anyone pray that much for me? Yeah I pray for all my family and friends every blessed day, but at that frequency? It had me thinking. The selflessness displayed by Paul a man in chains towards his free friend was beautiful to see. If we are being honest Paul needed the prayers more since he was in jail and facing hardships, but he chose to keep a steady prayer chart for Timothy and it teaches me a valuable lesson─ one that Jesus himself taught us and it is love for one another. Verse 7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness but one of power, love and sound judgment” In times where we lack courage, where the temptation to hate and act like we don’t care is stiff and for all the times where it is easier to make poor unguarded choices void of the Holy Spirit’s direction, God has given us His Spirit to lead us through. At this point in my life, I so badly needed to hear these words. I considered all that was on my mind and the verse before that talked about keeping ablaze the gift of God, then it was clear to me that to do so, I had to rid myself of the fearful Spirit. Truth is we never know how full of fear we are until we sit back and evaluate our motives. Motives have a way of telling you why you are acting the way you are. Even our prayers could sometimes be sponsored by fear and in this we would now be approaching God in timidity instead of embracing the confidence we have that he listens to us when it is in accordance with his will as seen in 1John 5:14. My body was beginning to calm down, the knot I didn’t even know existed in my stomach was gradually loosening up, and help was on the way. Reading further, the message of being unashamed for the gospel arose again. Now I have asked myself countless times why Paul always said he is not ashamed of the gospel. I tried to fit it into today’s world and here is what I have realized. The minute you declare for God, your lifestyle, values and all that, is supposed to change automatically translating to the fact that you are no more welcome in former groups, societies and places you belonged to that aren’t Jesus oriented. If care is not taken, you might be full of shame, get self conscious when people from your old life (1 Thessalonians 5:17) show up, and that feeling unwatched could drag you back to the place you struggled to come out of. The world tries to make us feel ashamed of Jesus every day. They don’t do it harshly all the time, but they insert it into everything subtly and make us question if we made the right choice to serve God. They say we are judgmental when we preach the truth, they say we are overzealous when we post God on our social media, they say we are unreasonable when we have implicit faith in Jesus, they try to tone our standards down when we live them out every day, they find ways to compel us into believing that they are doing all the right things and we are just a bunch of boring people on the other side of the divide. I am sure you know what this feels like. I was having a candid conversation with a dear friend on the decaying views that surround decent dressing and her views gave me joy! I used to feel odd for not being one to appreciate the recent wave of boobs out, skimpy, extremely high slit dresses and other categories of dressing I know is not decent by God’s standards but I was elated to find out that there are others who are bold enough to declare their stand which is God’s standard as well. She expressed her worries and how she someone told her she is against body positivity for her views and it had me thinking. This is what Apostle Paul tells us when he says we shouldn’t be ashamed of Jesus yet we should be ready to suffer (being cut off from “friends or family”, lose certain opportunities and more) and still rely completely on the power of God. To buttress this point he gives us an explanation of our identity. PS: One of my favorite things to do as a believer is to tell myself what the word of God says I am. “He has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works but according to His own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began” First He saved us, and then called us unto righteousness meaning we dropped our old lifestyle when he saved and called us. The calling was not on a merit basis but so we could serve as ambassadors of Gods kingdom with the purpose of establishing the mindset of Christ in every heart; this mandate has been given to us even before time began and that is why not even the current laws of life and changes in times and seasons can take that away from us. This is who we are. Sometimes I feel shaky typing Godly things especially on my social media so seeing this was like “You go girl! Preach that word and lose that self consciousness! Be audacious in doing the will of your Father and if you ever fall, too bad but you gotta get back up and move!” This is now my reality, my story; I enjoin you to imbibe it since these words apply to us all. I know for certain that God will help everyone of us in Jesus name. Verse 12 is the link to verse 11 because I found out why we seemingly suffer or go through hardships. It is clear that if we must stand for Christ, although there are beautiful rewards and compensations here on earth, there are also woes that will constantly place us in tough spots. For this gospel we were appointed teachers, yes teachers! Our calling is to teach men in whatever capacity to follow God. Our goal is to make Heaven crowded so invariably we are all teachers of the word hence the reason why the world will reject us since we don’t fit in perfectly. Even those of the same Faith consumed by certain doctrines might resent us but… We are not ashamed! Want to know why? For we know the One we have believed in and we are persuaded (convinced with a strong conviction, we are sure, we can attest) that He (God) is able to guard what has been entrusted to us (Our faith in him, the purpose he put in our lives) till that day (the day we get to see Jesus, oh great joy). I have no other explanation for how giddy reading this made me feel, my face lit up with a broad smile. I know who I have believed. The above scripture is what drew me into this insightful chapter the Holy Spirit used to impact me greatly. It might also pose questions to some like: do you know who you have believed in? Are you convinced of the man you decided to follow or you just don’t want to go to hell? Knowing God is a never ending revelation that Sinach the award winning gospel artiste and lyricist describes with the lyrics “the more I know you, the more I want to know you, Jesus more of you”. A substantial knowledge on who God is to you should inform your relationship with him. Knowing the God that called you is important so you can always clarify the call on days you feel unsure or discouraged. My confidence boost was on one hundred and then doused a bit with solemn words engraved in verse 13 and 14 of 2 Timothy chapter 1. “Hold on to the pattern of sound teaching that you have heard from me, in the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus” It is easy to let go of all you hold dear when things are moving smoothly. It is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when you have a copy in front of you; the Lord knows this so the Holy Spirit inspired Paul to write those words in his letter to Timothy. The Holy Spirit is the only one who is readily available to assist us in guarding our values, upholding our integrity as believers and carrying out diligently the assignment entrusted in our care by the Lord. Nope the Holy Spirit is not overrated, on the contrary as I find out how effective a good relationship with him is, I make bold to say that he should be everyone’s closest companion. There friend! I have shared my bit and I want to read yours. 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