The Prayer Box: Movie review

Staying positive despite having his only sibling sick with cancer and teased for not having lunch money for school meals, 13 year old Wesley decides to get a job at church to support himself financially but accidentally finds out that prayer points put in the church prayer box get thrown away without even being prayed upon by the pastorate.

Seeking to change the narrative, Wesley promises his sister Mallary to do good deeds that can capture Gods attention and heal her miraculously. He decides to do God’s job of answering prayers he finds in the prayer box in order to get God’s attention, hoping God will heal his baby sister sick with cancer. His mum, a single parent, starts to lose her own faith along the line but Wesley is determined to keep up with doing good deeds.

Funnily,my favorite character is the old man from church and his cute daughter who extends a warn hand of friendship to young Wesley. Kindness and humor are virtues every Christian should possess and I definitely laughed watching scenes with the grandpa.

From this end, I highly recommend this movie.

The biggest lesson in this movie for me is “loving God beyond answered prayers”. The one hour forty two minutes tell a passionate and highly emotive story-line that could make you cry, yet convince you on why an encounter with Jesus is what you need to solidify your Christian experience. Jesus told us of persecution, he prepared our minds. However, trials have a way of taking not only your faith but your humanity, sanity and as much as it can take from you. It won’t be easy, still we must keep believing and keep going.

God will come through for you, for all of us.

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Blessings, Love and Light,

Lumiere de Dieu

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