The fear of people

During morning devotion at my house some days ago, the lord opened my eyes to a scripture I have never noticed.

The story of Saul’s disobedience and how the kingdom was taken away from him is a familiar tale to virtually every Christian. It was as a result of his disobedience that the correctional verse “Obedience is better than sacrifice” came to be.

One thing we never asked ourselves was the motive behind his disobedience.

I understand that some us of sin unprovoked. We tell unsolicited lies and engage in unworthy practices just because we feel like. Another group falls into iniquity unconsciously and a fellow in this category that has their walk with God going well will surely be reprimanded by the Holy Spirit in such scenarios. The last group which Saul the first king of Israel falls into, is the group of sinners who were pressured into sin.

Calm down, I am not going to start preaching about peer pressure or anything but quietly follow me to the book of 1Samuel chapter 15.

The whole chapter captures the story of Saul and his disobedience. Samuel the prophet also confronts him here as to why he had to disobey and go ahead to offer the sacrifice. Verse 24 is the verse the lord opened my eyes to.

“Then Saul said to Samuel, “I have sinned, for I have transgressed the commandment of the Lord and your words, because I FEARED the PEOPLE and OBEYED their VOICE”


The tallest and most handsome man in Israel as the bible described in 1Samuel 9:1-2 was afraid of the people he was king over, and hearkened to their voice instead of the voice of God.

I have heard talks about reasons why a person could succumb to pressure or things like “why on earth will you live your life to please people” are said but nobody identifies it as something to pray about beyond making conscious effort not to be swayed by the voice of people.

Saul had a bright future, God had started with him on an elevated level but by simply listening to what people said, he offered strange fire and paid the price; his innocent sons died with him in battle, so they too collected goods they had no idea was purchased.

It is a new month dear child of light, and the time is 12:51am Nigerian time as I type this. You need to understand that your journey with God affects you ALONE!


The heavenly race is purely individual and the sooner you begin to ask God for his grace, the better for you. God gives you a mandate and you try to adjust it to suit the taste of those around you. He demands certain things of you and you are considering how you would explain yourself if asked. My dear, I am telling you with scriptural facts today that obeying the voice of men over God your creator doesn’t have a palatable end.

We are all human and the temptation to “take advice” that is seemingly harmless and born out of “love and sheer concern” will continue to present itself to us every day. Friends, family, even brethren in Christ who do not have a full glimpse of the vision God has given you to run with, will try to dissuade from your path. Even those who do, will “out of concern” try to make you see reasons why the assignment God has given you is too much. You may begin to hear things like “But you are not the only Christian na” or “show me where the bible stated clearly this thing you are against is a sin”. They begin to quote scriptures about how your yoke is greater than you are so you should probably drop it and “chop life before life chops you”.

Don’t succumb! I beg you, do not succumb!

Nobody else will tell the tales of your battle better than you will and it is always fantastic to tell tales of victory and not of woe.

The people who made Saul sin probably didn’t even know they were the cause. He could’ve heard a small gossip that hit different and decided to show that he too could perform sacrifices. There are people who would go on and on with numerous topics on their lips, bearing tales about others and if you allow your walk with God to be fashioned after what they say, you will end up with devastating regrets.

Since the day I saw this scripture and had a clearer understanding, I pray every day now for God to help me overcome the temptation of “what will people say” and their likes.

You could be reading this with a smile of satisfaction, puffing your chest to say “oh please, today’s blog post is certainly not for me. Pressure of any kind will never affect me. Can’t be me darling, can’t be me (can’t be me said in British accent)”.

Well, I can only pray that the lord continues to uphold you so you don’t fall and break your neck while thinking you were standing shoulders high. Just ask for God’s grace and pray he holds you up consistently in his light.

Happy New Month fellow family members in the light of Jesus, I pray God does miraculous things for you this month and that your spiritual life continues to soar on eagle’s wings.

Please be devoted to soul winning and evangelism this month, and I pray the Almighty God rewards you richly for bringing his children back to him.

Blessing, Love and Light,

Crystabel Nnamdi

For Lumiere de Dieu

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