The Breakfast Series: Intro

Updated: Jul 17

Women cook well, men cook better.

Sheila’s story:

Sheila hated shopping no matter the store. Utako market, Next, ShopRite, it made no difference. As far as purchasing anything was involved, she wanted no part of it. On this faithful day that some would consider in the long run unfortunate, she went to ShopRite.

The queue was long, the big Salah was the next day so yeah, the reason why the entire Abuja population flooded all the stores. Generous Muslims were about to send sumptuous meals, snacks, and oh yes! small chops to their entire neighborhood. This should give you more context as to why the stores were packed.

Things were going well in her life actually. Sheila belonged to the Awww Women's Association of Nigeria (AWAN) Abuja chapter and of course, each Bellanaija post, celebrity mushy post and explore feed on Instagram made her? You know this, Awwwww!

She was mindlessly scrolling, lost in the details of Temi Oyebanjo's corset wedding dress when she looked up and saw the cashier ready to give her a hot slap.

"Madam please, people have been waiting for you and you are here pressing phone".

Raised in a Godly home with goodly manners, she tendered her apologies to all those involved and even tipped the young lady a thousand naira, wearing a broad smile and said "Happy Salah".

She got to the parking lot and Femi's call came in. Sister, if you are reading this and you don't know that Femi is a dictionary word synonymous with “philanderer”, then you are in for a long thing. Femi had been telling all sorts of tales since the incident in Dubai but the most ridiculous of them all were his laughable claims of Moyo being his cousin sister (Nigerian escapism for not explaining how exactly you are related to someone).

E shock you too abi? Me too.

Sheila hissed more than an anaconda would've aspired to and continued wheeling her cart to her car. She got there only to see her poor baby scratched badly—it did not look good.

“Ah ahh! Why now, who did this?”, She questioned the security man nearby.

“Madam, the Oga is here. He said he'll wait to see you so he can apologize” the security guy responded sharply.

The security guy spoke well; in fact, too well for someone working a 30k per month job. The reality of Nigeria quickly dawned on Sheila and she opened her bag to tip him. She lifted up her head accidentally and saw the purpose for which this story is being written.

Now let's be honest, Emeka was not a tall guy. To make things seem fair, Sheila could wear 3-inch heels and be slightly taller than him. Sheila is 5'5, so he didn't have the whole height thing going for him. But his looks? Emeka is the reason the word “spec” was invented. Specification, spectacle, spectacular, special, spectrum, whatever SPEC beginning word there is. He was wearing beach shorts, a black polo firmly gripping his biceps, and dapper Nike sneakers. He wasn't making effort but his investment had purchased an appreciable plot of land in Sheila's heart seeing that Our dear Lady of the “God When Association” had finally found answers to her questions.

For a split second, she was imagining Tiktoks, Lomotifs, and Insta Reels of Emeka and herself. How they would go to weddings in matching outfits and make car videos. Our babe was lost.

She jolted back to reality when the security man said "Madam, he wants to pay for the damages."

"Oh damages, have you heard that Tems song before?" She asked smiling sheepishly at Emeka.

"Oh no, I listen to Maverick City, Bethel Music, Hillsong..."

Wow! She thought, so he is Christian Christian, as in Joseph of Arimathea wey follow Jesus carry cross 10 pmChristian? Interesting.

"That's nice" she cut in sharply.

"What church do you attend?" she directed at him.

"Young lady, please how much will it cost to fix your car?"

“Ohhhhh” she muttered.

"Bobo e ko fine but attitude oporrrrr" she thought to herself.

Don't worry about it she replied, then she opened the trunk of her car, put her things inside, got in, and drove off.

Sheila got home on time despite the traffic. She decided to unpack the things she got while she took a shower. She was sorting out the things in the pantry when she turned and asked Sheila who Chukwuemeka Udensi was.

Aha! Sleek church boys out here doing the most. Sheila was stunned trying to figure out when he slipped his card into her stuff but it didn't matter. To the glory of God and edification of the AWAN Abuja chapter, his office was two buildings away from hers.

Stay Tuned for the Next part of our story.

Emeka was a nice guy. Well not was, is a nice guy.

He was easy to talk to. In one conversation Sheila had narrated all her relationship, situationship, and happenstance woes to him. She was like a parrot on the loose— the only difference is, that she was talking to someone who actually cared.

Emeka was the type of guy Church mummies would absolutely adore.

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