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I met Chidera online on a warm pandemic morning. A mutual friend had introduced us because we are both women of like passion which includes being Jesus girls, writing, and other amazing things in between.

Chidera told me about something she was starting based on the leading of the Spirit regarding mental health. As someone who had anxiety issues a while back and knew how other believers suffered, I thought it indeed wise of God to recruit one of his soldiers to carry out this selfless task.

This month and beyond, she is enjoining everyone who loves to care for their mental health to be a part of THE BIG CRUSADE.

She writes:

There are several reasons people decide to love or choose to stay with the person of their choice. It could be because of personality, character, common values and interests, a need for friendship, companionship, or succor. Oftentimes, you never know why you love, but you find a great attraction for someone in such a way that you cannot bring yourself to resist it.

Whatever the reason why you love, there are times when it becomes tiring, energy-sapping, and daunting.

This is the major challenge that love everywhere faces. Yet, if love is authentic, it thrives.

There is a saying that explains the impossibility of giving out what you do not have. No one has successfully loved anyone else, when they have not found out how to love themselves first. Love begins from the mind; the quality of the love you offer would depend on the state of your mind; merely positive, healthy or negative.

More than loving other people, do you see how tasking it can be to love yourself? To show appreciation to yourself for being human is beyond eating our favorite foods, partying, and sleeping in. We have made mistakes that we regret and reacted to situations in ways that do not suit our values. Did you know that many people have attempted suicide and died by their own hands? This is the extent to which people go to bring an end to, an existence they have struggled to understand but to no avail.

The 2020 pandemic was sure a difficult season for everyone everywhere in the world. We were almost taken unawares by the pandemic such that we did not have time to prepare for what had come. Many lives were lost to the COVID virus and there was a great rise in conspiracy theories. People began to assume grief as a lifestyle, developing unhealthy habits –that eventually negatively influence their attitudes towards life –in order to cope with the weight of their anxiety, depression and disorientation. You would agree that more than those who died by the hands of this virus, there were mentally challenged people with poor coping mechanisms.

Nonetheless, as much as there was a deadly virus ravaging the earth, there was an emergence of heroes. These great men and women would provide assistance in all ramifications to the less privileged. More so, mental health needs would be attended to.

This is the story of how The Big Crusade (TBC) began and has continued to impact lives post-pandemic.

If you are looking for a community where people co-exist with love, compassion, and meekness or you are looking to commit to godly and profitable friendships, then The Big Crusade is your last stop!

Love is the foundation of all things.

Every man who has invented something great in the world did so in an attempt to solve a problem. Love makes you take responsibility for a situation whether or not you have the ability to shoulder it or not. It is the motivation that gets things done and the driving force that keeps things in place.

The Big Crusade took off officially on the 11th day of October 2020. She had only one mission to bring people to recover from their past experiences and give life another chance through mental health awareness and advocating for godly living and attitudinal change. If men and women could learn to love themselves again, then they would be willing to let go of the bad habits that destroy them. And, it would be more possible to give love to others around them. This love would foster forgiveness, calm, and confidence.

The Big Crusade, with love as her vision, has been able to pull over a hundred people to co-exist and find endurance in one another during trying times. This vision further aids with and gives strength to accommodate various people with different mental health needs and challenges and be able to tender compassion to those who are suffering in their minds.

Jesus is the Brightest Light Source.

People who experience depression, anxiety often express a cloud of darkness and fear of the unknown hovering over their minds and emotions. No one is capable of seeing in the dark. Although we can make it through if we are familiar with the space, yet, nothing can be compared to the clarity that sight gives.

For mental wellness, The Big Crusade whilst in support of the need to seek medication also advocates that Jesus cares about our mental health and He seeks to attend to these needs by introducing bright –shining light on the mind and heart. The Bible is a clear guide to overcoming anxiety, fears and uncertainty. This light would promote godly habits and lifestyle and everyone can enjoy maximum mental wellness.

This light has been found to be very helpful with realizing the causes of mental health challenges and providing the courage to face them and overcome them. He gives peace, sanity and confidence to everyone who comes unto this light. In fact, The Big Crusade preaches the gospel of Christ even with arms wide open to people of diverse beliefs. However, The Big Crusade has so far made progress with propagating the light of Jesus.

Join The Big Crusade Today.

The Big Crusade is a virtual Christian Support Group whose core values are mental wellness, a godly lifestyle, and attitudinal reformation.

Her arms are open to everyone who is willing to become mentally and self-aware, come to the light of Jesus and find succor for their mental health needs.

The Big Crusade forum has over 100 members who are teaming Crusaders learning the importance of seeking love and sharing light with everyone around them. They spread the message against mental health stigmatization and myths. Crusaders are keen on turning people’s minds away from negativity and receiving the courage to confront their hurts.

On The Big Crusade Podcast platform, weekly episodes with guests provide information for Christians living with mental health illnesses and/or disorders on how they can thrive and be relevant in the society; how they can maintain their relationships with God despite their mental health restrictions.

The Big Crusade!

Attaining maximum mental health and promoting a Christian lifestyle!

About The Chief Crusader

Chidera Nweze is a passionate youth with the drive to bring men and women alike to the light and love of Christ. She hopes to achieve this through mental health awareness campaigns and attitudinal reformation. She is a writer, a podcast host and the founder of the Big Crusade; a virtual Christian support group that helps people with mental health need to come out and find help.

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