Singleness and Servitude

God is a jealous God. He does not intend for anything in this world to take His place in our lives. In Genesis chapter 22 he asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, his only son Isaac. See the catch there, his only son “who he loves so much”. Our Father of faith began to love something else more than God and God wanted to see if the gift was more important than the One who gave it.

Why am I starting with this story you may ask? I am starting here because I need you to stop hinging your life and everything you stand for on love, relationship, marriage and so on; doing nothing while waiting for the right person is a wrong move.

Don’t get me wrong, these things are beautiful, precious and even God said “It is not good for man to be alone”. However, on the last day, you and only you will be his bride. Not the man or woman you were joined to on this earth, you as a single person and that brings me to today’s post “Singleness and servitude”.

A single person is one who is not legally married; relationship? Still single! They don do small thing for my head? Probably single! We live together? Tell that to the court of law when they demand certification. Until there is proof of your marriage or witnesses, sweetheart you are single.

Society has glorified marriage so much to an unhealthy point. A man is misbehaving or is irresponsible and instead of preaching Christ to him, we suggest that a humble wife be found for him. When again did a woman have the power to be his personal Lord and Savior and posses the power to quicken his mortal body from irresponsibility?

A woman is young and the first suggestion is for her to marry so “her husband will take care of her” forgetting that our Jesus said “if our Heavenly Father clothes the grass of the field, how much more we that are so precious to Him” (Matt 6:30)

These are the issues.

In pursuit of these things amidst many wrong reasons people bolt out of the singleness stage e.g. so they can quickly post on social media “I married my best friend”, a lot of us (I say us because the things I write here apply to me too, I will forever be in the school of the Spirit learning from God) have left Jesus on the way. Our youthful days of life, energy, radicalism and vigor are spent dating the entire universe, posting “God When” online and awwwing to relationship stuff. No encounter with Jesus, no self-discovery or soul searching, no secret place, no souls won for the Lord, no communion with the Holy Spirit, nothing!

The story gets funnier when I hear people say “Once I get married or find the Godly man/woman God has prepared for me, ehnnnn I can now calm down and serve God”. To reply this, I will screammmmm “O FOOLISH GALATIANS! WHO HAS BEWITCHED YOU?”

God alone determines when you will spend the rest of your life with the one he has prepared for you, so what are you doing with all this time singleness has provided you?

32 I want you to be without concerns. An unmarried man is concerned about the things of the Lord─ how he may please the lord.
33 But a married man is concerned about the things of this world─ how he may please his wife─
34 and his interests are divided. An unmarried woman or a virgin is concerned about the things of the lord, so that she may be holy both in body and in spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the things of the world─ how she may please her husband.

This is the reality of marriage as encapsulated in 1 Corinthians chapter 7. Shocker, God understands that the focus of a married person must change for their marriage to last. He is aware that you must love your wife and submit to your husband. He knows how badly you might want to commit to certain things of the Kingdom but for family considerations, you will restrain yourself.

Seeing now how the single time is a time of devotion and servitude, why are you spending it all on pleasing people instead of serving God? Hello??? Your interests are not divided, total surrender is a goal and complete stewardship to the Lord is obtainable as a single person. The spiritual life you did not build as a single, except God gives you special grace; you can’t magically build it when you are married. By then you are joined with someone else in the eyes of God and he respects that deeply. You may desire to fast, you other half has reservations about it, and you must obey because you have pledged them your all till death do you both part; and eternity? Marriage is only valid in this life. In death, servitude and eternity is what determines the rest.

The day I found this out I felt sorry for myself. I know how I have been disturbing God’s ear about finding true love in Him, but I started to question my motives and the pray point as a whole. How much do I love Jesus now? How well am I serving Him that if another person (husband) and more people (kids, extended family) come into the equation, my love will still true? I ask myself these questions and there is the drive to do more now that I can serve God without restrictions. I am here to urge you to do the same thing.

All the people on your street, it’s easier to preach to them now that you are single than when you are married. Follow up is easy for you at this point since no one is going to start suspecting foul play. You can dress up and drag as many people to church as you can. Your interaction with people can grow wide, but as a married person, so you don’t expose yourself to temptations, you need to apply wisdom thereby limiting your reach. Sure you can practice all these things and more when you get married but now that in your body, on paper and in Spirit you are married to Jesus, be a faithful steward and do what stewards do, SERVE!

It will be wrong to even get married and drop all those things mighty things you were doing for God as a single because God might discover your spouse is taking his place and ohhh trouble…

Yes, this is your time to serve him with reckless abandon!

Friday nights will soon be date nights instead of time for crusades, vigil and revivals. You would’ve missed all that because while you had the time you didn’t participate. Then you would spring up unnecessary quarrels in your home when you choose to forsake your significant other to attend those events because your timing is wrong, but with the best of intentions.

Remember, to everything there is a TIME!

You are single now, we are all single

By next year, there will be marriages in Jesus name (me I want to post wedding gist on this blog)

Truth is you never know how fast these things change. God will bless you in his season but while you make preparations to enter that other season, live in this current one. Don’t be too busy buying clothes for the summer you forget to play with snow in the winter. The summer sun will one day get so hot and you will ask yourself why you failed to make snow angels, throw snowballs at your friends, and take cute pictures. By then it might be too late. For every season in life you find yourself in, don’t be in too much of a hurry to get out. Stay there, serve God in every capacity you can while at it and trust him for the next level.



You are single for a reason, you are married to God. You won’t stop serving him when he completes you, instead you will have become mature in his service, making the blessing of marriage the start of another level in your servitude journey. In blessing you with an awesome partner after his heart, the two of you will simply intensify your servitude to God and establish the mindset of Christ in more hearts. One will chase a thousand and two, ten thousand.

If you fail to chase your thousands now, there is no guarantee you will have the strength to chase ten thousand you get joined to someone else─ the work doubles when you marry, so if you lack the necessary training now, you will fall fast into exhaustion when the work actually increases. Married people have help which is why God commits more to them.

Dear friend, this message is coming to you as a single or married person to make you understand that serving God does not have to depend on your marital status but the sincerity of your heart. Seek the Lord that he can still be found and I know our Heavenly Father will reveal himself to you in Jesus name.

Scriptures otherwise stated or paraphrased, are taken from the Holman Christian Standard Bible HCSB

Blessings, love and light,

Crystabel Nnamdi

For Lumiere de Dieu

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