Lumière de Dieu💡


I am not french😂 (even though I really hope to learn the beautiful language of love) but for now, Google and whatever I learnt during my early years in school is what keeps me going.

The inspiration to give the blog a French truly came because an English name might feel to bland. Based on what I felt in my heart, if the name of this blog was Light of God, we all know it would've sounded way lamer than the cool name God himself chose Lumière de Dieu; same meaning but the effect is different ( I told you Christianity isn't boring🥳).

As we go on from here, I pray the light of Jesus shines into every heart that as much as glances at this blog and that God makes himself real to every reader.

I also hope we become a tribe, a community just centered on shining the light of God🥰.

Dear child of light,

In a world filled with darkness, REPRESENT THE LIGHT OF JESUS💡❤️.

Have an amazing day and spread some love/light to those around you today.

Well, I designed this amateur logo and brand cover for now😊. By God's grace I'd get better but we'll make do with this💡.

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