Letters to God:

No postman ever hands out only one letter unless that's all at the post office for the day. It is based on this that I'd post as many letter as I can every Thursday.

Have a blessed day❤️.

Dear Father,

Thank you for loving me, I'm so grateful. Thank you for the privilege to be called your son and thank you for the friendship we have together, not every father is a friend to their sons.

I'm happy that we have a relationship together, but I still know that you want relationships for me with other people, and healthy relationships too, because you said in your word that as iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. You also said that two people are better than one, so they can help each other succeed.

I never knew that finding friends that will sharpen me and vice versa would be hardwork, but you've always made difficult things look easier because you're God. I surrender my relationships to you Father, direct me to people that will support my relationship with you and not downplay it(this happens a lot), direct me to friends that will hold me accountable, friends that will pray for me and pray with me also, friends that will rejoice with me and grieve with me when the need arises, friends that will encourage me when I fall and vice versa, and lastly friends that are not overly spiritual but relatable, people that can talk about real life experiences transparently with.

Thank you in advance, for I know that you will help me and direct me to the friends you will choose for me, because I trust that you have good intentions for me. I would have ended this with goodbye, but that would be ridiculous because you're always with me.

Anonymous, 23

Dear God,

I know I'm not perfect, I know I'm not even close to what/who you want to be.

I just want to thank you for today. I am alive and that is enough for me.

I want to thank you for family,friends,and loved ones.

I am grateful I know of your existence.

I know you have something big ahead for me, cause I've had lots of dreams and truth be told I get scared when I wake up, but also happy cause I know of all people you have picked me to be in the war and it's a privilege.

I just want you to know that I try so hard to be consistent in this race, in as much as I fall into temptations, you are still a good God to me!

I ask that you give me the strength to endure through out this race cause I really need to be with you at the end❤️


Dear God,

It's me again your baby girl 🥰

It feels so good writing to you, You know we do more of talking😊

First I really want to say Thank You. You're and have been everything and more. Remember when I told you how I wasn't treated fairly and how you promised to resolve the issue, because in your words, "Nobody mess with the apple of your eyes". I already told you this, but I'm writing now, so I want to still tell you that it has been resolved, your baby girl is happy🥰💃.

Dear Lord, I miss Chukwuka😭, the way he died pained me, we had an unfinished business and I promised to make it up to him only to find out a week later that he was dead💔😭. I hope he is resting well in your bossom. Please send him my warmest regards. And tell him and sorry for not fulfilling the promise I made to him🥺.

Dear Lord, your baby girl has found love🥰. And I'm so excited, remember when I gisted you the genesis☺️.

You know how I always want to remain in your presence, worship, pray, study❤️. That's how I'm beginning to feel now with him.

But not to worry, you are my first love and know body can take your place😌.

Finally, I wish you could write back to me😂. You know I enjoy talking to you but I really want to know how it feels to get a note from you😂. As funny as it sounds, I can already hear your voice telling me, you have already written to me, "it's in the bible".☺️😂

I Love you so much Abba❤️, I love how you are mindful of me❤️

I love how you love me.

The price you paid? Damnnnnn, I'm grateful.

Your Babygirl🥰


Hey sir,

Good morning Daddy, I want to thank you for all the times you had my back when we were at war.

The times you saved me from myself.

The times you didn't let the devil count me as one of his.

Thank you daddy.

Hey daddy, I also want to let you know that this is not a peace treaty, this is just a reminder that I will always be back no matter how far or near I fall from you.

Precious, NIL

Dear God

Good morning Dad. I have alot to tell you, because there has being alot going on lately...

But first things first I would love to say thank you, for being there for me, thank you for loving me even when I don't love myself, thank you for always giving me so many chances no matter how much I messed up.

I know I have not being the best daughter but you still love me anyways... I would love to get much closer to you, know you better so I could be the best daughter you always wanted, and I would need your help...

In my next letter, I would tell you about the mess in my life because there is a lot of it... But till then I promise to work on being a better daughter tho I can't do it without your help, so I would be counting on it

I love you Dad and I'm sorry for all my sins.....

Your daughter


Dear Abba Father,

I love you so much and I thank you for loving me first.

I am writing this letter to you because I wouldn't stop thanking you enough for August 1st and I still feel butterflies in my belly till now when I think of what you've done. I and my family were lacking a lot at home and then you just showed up for us like the loving father that you are.

Dear God, I say thank you for restoring my family's finance this month, thank you for giving me the grace to publish my book, thank you for wiping away my tears. I love you so much and your grace keeps helping me trust you more and more because you give me reasons to trust you day by day.

Your daughter, 20.

If you didn't read the post before this, please do so you have a full grasp of the letters and the concept behind this series.

Blessings, Love and Light 💜.

See you, next week Thursday!

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