Letters to God: Batch 4

We are back like we never left! Sending out letters to God, mailing them through Lumiére de Dieu.

The purpose of the Letters is actually to express ourselves in a way we can only to God and in a way others get to understand too.

1 Peter 5:7 says we should cast all our anxiety on the Lord because he cares for us.

Your letters are a subtle way of casting your anxiety on God. We hope you find joy mailing them to God and blessed, as you read other letters.

You can always send in your letters to our mail and we'd take it up from there.


Today's letters:

Letter 1:

Dear God, I’m tired😓 there’s a lot bothering me tbh. My finances, my relationships with people, my relationship with you💔🤦🏽‍♀️ Infact my whole life feels somehow right now. When I think ‘bout it, I just end up crying for days, so I’ve decided to act numb towards everything. I’m not complaining but please come to my rescue, amen 🙏🏽 Anonymous 19 years old

Letter 2:

Dear God, I’m sorry for postponing doing this and I’m glad that I’m finally here. Right now, it’s a lot. I’m someone who people think have a hang of everything when it comes to You, truth is sometimes I think I do too. But it’s just that there are these off moments that I don’t really get, you know those moments when I don’t really know what’s up with the both of us and it feels like You are so far off and I’m just drifting farther away. But in all, I would really like to say ‘Thank you' for never denying me your Ever Sweet Presence even when I worship in doubt. Thank you for the soothing whispers in my ears, the back rubs, the shoulder to cry on and the warm embrace. I’m ever grateful that You never leave or forsake me. Thank you for blessing my life with people that love You just as much, that constantly remind me of Your never failing love. Dear Lord, I know that your will for me is perfect and even when it might not go the way the little self wants it, I trust You for me. I wouldn’t want to rush You into anything and at the same time, I don’t want to drag You behind. Please Lord, direct me into Your Prefect Will. Nothing short of that, Nothing more than that. Life isn’t lollipop hence it’s really not so easy but then You already know that. It seems so hard and it makes me water up so much that I feel my heart about to rip. I don’t know when I’m doing it right or wrong and times when I’m right, I don’t know if I’m right enough. I hate to feel this way cause I know You don’t want that for me but it’s sad that life has to make me feel this way. It can get so cruel out here and I would miss You so bad and wish to be right there by your side. Away with the troubles, sorrows, worries, sadness and all that makes it this burdening. There’s a lot I want to say to You, A lot I would like to ask from You, A lot I would like for You to do for me So many wrongs I want You to right But it’s Your Will and not mine, so I surrender wholly. It feels so good to have someone to talk to without the fear of being judged or the need for an external validation like is common with humans. Plus it feels much better to know that You would read this. 1.Please Lord, just before I drop the pen I would like to make two requests; 2. Please help me get through this. When it gets tougher, remind me to drown myself in Your love. Help me to see just You even when it hurts like Hell.

Please write your sweet daughter a reply. She could really use one right now. Okay, word count: 551 words already. I just hope our postman is able to deliver it all. Sweet Spirit, I feel a lot lighter already just writing to You. Thanks for always being there for me. Help us get through this and come out stronger than before. I know You saw/read it all, even those I backspaced. I know You know this is a love letter, always will be regardless of whatever. Yours Indispensable, 20.

Blessings, love and light,

The Lumiére Team.

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