Letters to God: BATCH 2🚀

Dear Father, I'm writing this letter while seated on my bed. I have sing praises, worship and prayers to the extent my voice is lost and low.  How else to describe you Father?  How else to communicate my feelings to you?  You're bigger than my earthly father, bigger than my uncles and pastors, you are bigger and much much greater than any man in my life, your glory and might none can comprehend, your throne is heaven above and the earth your footstool. You command the entire universe just by speaking, yet you want to hear my complains, yet you want to listen and be by my side. My father!!!  How else can I show you love? How else can I talk to you?   A listening Father, a father that fulfills his promises, a father that will never forget his child's needs, a father that will not allow harm come here his child. My father!!!  A father that defends, a father that protects, a father that fights, a father that provides, a father that is all in one and many in one!!! My father!!! I just want to keep talking to you, I just want to keep writing you, I just want to keep singing praises, I just want to keep worshipping,  I just want to keep praying!  I sin, ask for mercy, you forgive me and love me still! I sin, ask for mercy, you forgive me and love me still!! I sin, ask for mercy, you forgive me and love me still!!! My father what manner of man are you!  I just want to keep calling you father.  I've never seen any father like you. So true, real, loyal, faithful ha! So many words to describe your personality. A father without flaws, a father full of perfection. Thank you father for being such a different father! Thank you!!!                                             Issy, 20

Dear God,

When you see this, please say something about my situation.

I am choked and I can't breathe. Life is hard and I am tired.

Please help me.

Your child,



I honestly dunno if I should address you as ‘Dear God’ because it sort of sounds somehow to me.

I have a lot to say to you but I really want to thank you for everything you do for me and for the people I love. This pandemic was looking rough for me, in the beginning but you came and you settled everything. I made mistakes and fell out many times but you stood by me.

Humans have failed me, I’m really sorry for believing and trusting in humans in the first place, you’re always my hope. I often rejoice that you’re not a man, because you wouldn’t be this merciful to me if you were a mere man.

I have a lot to tell you, but that’ll be in my next letter, I know you know them, I’ll still tell you anyways. I love you

From an anonymous 19 year old.


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Blessings, Love and light,

Crystabel ❤️💗

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