With only one heartfelt letter today, I want to say to everyone single person "YOU ARE ENOUGH" God finds you enough and his sufficiency is enough for you both to be in a relationship. I love you, thanks for being a part of today's letter series. Blessings, love and light❤️ Lumière de Dieu 💡

Dear God, It’s me again. So I told you I was going to be telling you ‘bout so many things today innit? Well yes, so the other time I saw some message on Alex’s phone, i know it’s wrong for me to go through someone’s phone but I was curious because of what I saw initially. So I went through his phone and I saw conversations he held with his friend ‘bout how slim I am and many other hurtful things ‘bout me, and I must confess, that really hurt me and played a huge role on my self esteem. I have weight gain issues at the moment and I don’t know, it’s been my major concern, I’ve tried to take it out of my mind because I know you’ll come to my aid at the appropriate time but it’s so hard to take it out of my mind. It’s been making me depressed and that’s all I seem to think ‘bout, all day. So God, please help me take this whole weight gain issue out of my mind and help add my desired weight soon. Also, I’ve had a hard time conversing with Alex, he’s been apologetic and gave reasons for what he did, to an extent, maybe I see some sense in what he said, but it’s just hard to trust him again and sometimes I get irritated by him, please help me heal from the hurt he caused me and also help me to forgive him. Thank you God, I still have a lot to talk to you ‘bout but we’d continue next week, when PostMan Crystabel come(s) again. I love you. From an anonymous 19 year old.

The ebook I promised is out🥳🚀💃🏽💕

The God Lover's Beginner Guide is a small piece out together by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to guide anyone who finds it worthy, to a place of growth in their Christian journey.

The download link is below and I am thankful for the love and support I get from this community.

I pray it blesses your life just as much as it blessed me to write it😘

If you have any feedbacks, comments and if you want to send your letters, send them to lumierededieu.blog@gmail.com



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