Let your Obedience be complete

Day after day, I have waved things off as my intuition or feeling. Now I realize that if indeed I believe that I am led by the Spirit, then I should obey the voice leading me in line with God's word. "being ready to punish every act of disobedience, when your own obedience [as a church] is complete."

2 Corinthians 10:6 AMP For God to act on our behalf, our obedience always has to be complete. We always have to be blameless and humble enough to accept his word.

Just yesterday evening, coz it's a new day😉, I washed my clothes. The sun wasn't really out and by evening I forgot to bring them in. As I was in the toilet much later, I just felt it in my Spirit to bring the clothes in. I heard specifically "what if it rains". I was determined to bring the clothes in but when I came out, my roommate who also washed told me that bugs would be on the clothes and that I should just let them be till tomorrow. As we speak, they are outside after a mighty rainfall and I was almost in tears when the rain started. There's no easier way to put this, I disobeyed. You see that harmless voice inside, I disobeyed it. I feel very bad and this scripture came to me. I got up to pray and I've been asking for mercy and the Lord's compassion; I know he will forgive me, yet, this blog post is to encourage this community to listen to the voice leading them to do what is in line with God's word. Most times, you'll just know it's God. He is a peaceful Father and his words will come to you when you search your soul. It is my desire that the Lord enables us all to hear him whenever he speaks and most importantly, to obey. Meanwhile, added to our social media family is a telegram channel!!! (I'm excited). It is a resourceful group with numerous gospel songs, messages, books and christian media that'll really bless you.

Join the channel, and share the link so more people can get to join; freely have we received, freely should we give to God's glory.

I'll also be sending out words of love, affirmation, cheer and who knows, some gist😏 in personal letters to your email. If you want to receive those letters, sign up

Take care Lumiére Believers❤️ Blessings, Love and Light.

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