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Hello Child of Light,

First off, I want to tender my sincere apologies for not posting here as frequently as I should. It has been a lot of things; from Anxiety to confusion, trying to improve my editing skills, to gathering better content that will keep you glued to this space and navigating life one day at a time. It might not sound like much, but it is. I am however grateful that through the highs and lately many lows, God has been kind.

In that light, I want to welcome you again to the Lumiere de Dieu; the blog with the mandate of shinning the light of Jesus, and spreading his love one blog post at a time .

The month of November has already started but from here on, it’s all glad tidings of great joy I bet you.

Before I continue, HOW ARE YOU?

Please don’t give me that hasty ‘I am fine and you?’ answer. Reply me honestly and with all sincerity in the comment section and if that is too open for you, send a mail to and we’ll take it from there.

The process of shinning the light of Jesus and spreading his love is not limited to a stipulated system. Anything good and pure can be used to establish the Kingdom of God in the hearts of men. This is why I came up with ideas on more blog content you will get to see here with time.

It is with Jesus joy (I expect you to clap at this point😂) that I present to you:

1. The Lumiere Library: Here we get to discuss books that add value to our lives as believers, share some of those books, get opinions on them and highlight reasons why every Christian should make time to read Godly books.

2. The Lumiere Cinema: For everyone who loves Christian movies, I have you mind. There are movies that can call a person to repentance and sanctification faster than quoted scriptures. The Lumiere Cinema will explore those movies; give a synopsis and then drop a download or stream link if it’s available, for everyone to catch up.

3.The Overwhelmed Christian series: everyday has its own struggles (Matthew 6:34b) so we can talk on topics relating to this for a life time.

4. Lumiére Music: a bit similar to Worship Wednesdays but with a little twist (see previous posts for Worship Wednesdays).

5.The Intercessors: Intercessory prayers are necessary at this point. We have prayer requests in the mail that I can’t pray alone and God instructs us to pray one for another (James 5:16). Beyond sharing Gods love with others, we should have times we pray for them. There will be more details on this as we go on.

6. Letters to God through postman Crystabel (we’ve mailed three batches of letters already)

There’s more as the Spirit leads and I am so glad my staying away for a while was not in vain. Oh the joy!

I am a growing Christian so I can’t possibly know all these things. I haven’t read all the Godly books out there, I don’t know every song, I haven’t watched every Christian movie, and that’s why I have you guys and we have an email. Send in your contributions, suggestions and make your submissions to the blog’s email and yes!!!! We move!🚀

Today is a day of Joy and gladness. Trust me we haven’t missed out on a single thing and God willing; it will get better every day.

Guest writers, podcasts you should listen to, eBooks, beautiful Wallpapers to portray your faith, and you don’t want to keep all this goodness to yourself. After reading this, share the link to your social media channels and welcome everyone else to the Family of Light.

Blessings, Love and Light,

Crystabel Nnamdi (Krystarbelle)💙

For Lumière de Dieu 💡

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