Hello there! Child of Light💡 and Greatness ❤️

My name is Crystabel Nnamdi and I'd like to start by telling you that Christianity is not boring and I'm here to prove that to you🥳😊!

The Lord led me to start up a Christian blog so here we are🥳🥳

I hope it'll be a wonderful way to spread the love and the light of Jesus✨❤️.

Please do not forget to like, share the posts and get interactive in the comment section. Subscribe also, because you won't want to miss out on the beautiful things God has packaged for you 🥰.

Thank you!💙


Crystabel Nnamdi

Founder of the blog and brand

Lumiere de Dieu

(I use emojis a lot so I guess we'll all get along pretty well☺️).

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