Happy Easter

“Death could not hold me down”

-The Truth (Jesus)

John 14:6

From my childhood until recently, Easter is one holiday that has never held much significance to me. Before you feel triggered, read till the end.

WARNING!!! Be ready for some harshness and brace yourself to answer the numerous rhetoric questions in today’s post.

As I was saying, Easter felt like those few day s we just stayed at home or went for interesting camps to catch up with our friends from church. In fact Easter and camping should probably be twins. Time has passed and the more I get to know God, the more I feel like Easter should be celebrated more than we do because if Jesus didn’t rise, then I doubt this blog you are reading would be here in the first place since his resurrection is the anchor of our faith.

I am the resurrection and the life (John 11:25), powerful words; what significance does it hold for you?

I pondered on Easter a lot this week and asked God to open my eyes. He did, and I am delighted to share.

The Epistle of Apostle Paul to the Philippians contains depth on the Easter message. In chapter two from verse 5 he talks about fashioning our character after Christ and goes further to enumerate all that Christ did for us to access salvation. Jesus became flesh, lived as a human, died a painful death on the cross and was righteous in all this. Not one outburst against God or rebellion. His blood became the ultimate sacrifice which is why we don’t need to sacrifice goats when we lie or kill spotless lambs when we commit sins. Instead we confess with our mouths and our hearts show our remorse unto God. You have probably heard everything I want to type, but think of it from this angle, now that Jesus died and we share in his sufferings by remembering his victory over death every year. How has this experience changed you?

Often times we get so carried away with festivities, patterns and activities that have become so common they seem almost casual to us. Easter does not have a static day like Christmas so I want to assume that’s part of the reasons why it seems like most people don’t greet the season with the kind of jubilation they embrace Christmas with, but the death and resurrection of Christ is the reason why we are Christians and we must celebrate not only via the death of fowls and cows, but in sober reflection on how to more like Christ.

The only thing that makes the world believe us when we talk about our heavenly citizenship and the basis of our boast as Children of Light is that the grave did not hold Christ down. Ordinarily, being empowered with this kind of knowledge is supposed to make us live life in a different way, but guess what? Many of us remain unchanged by all this awesomeness.

I am a freelance writer and before I land certain writing gigs, just so they can be sure of my capabilities, they subject me to paid tests or unpaid depending on the individual or group giving me the offer, the length and technicality of the topic. If I perform as expected, I could get the gig. I have had cases where I performed tremendously well but I still wasn’t chosen. Just paid off for the test or given an excuse as to why I couldn’t get the offer. The funniest and most shocking I have heard was “you are too good; we can’t afford to pay you.”

Our attitude towards Jesus is exactly the same.

We hear about him on the streets, in church and everywhere, test him a bunch of times in trying situations, then when it’s time to fully surrender and commit, we tell him “you are too good, I can’t afford to pay you” and we go back to where we were before. He is shocked because he has paid all debts in full and he knows we will never be able to pay, but we’d rather shove a good man aside and live hurtful lives, than actually find ourselves worthy in his eyes.

Again I ask friend,

how has the death and resurrection of Christ changed you?

This is not a time to feel attacked or sorry for yourself, or to talk about how unworthy you are. Instead it is a time to understand how much a man loved you and paid it all for you to be victorious in life, in his goodness with his blood so you don’t ever have to worry. He wants to walk with you for life and here he is applying numerous times and you keep turning him down because he is “too good”.

Of course He is too good! He is the Son of the Most Holy God, the Firstborn of all Creation and if e sure for you, do am! Feeling sorry or unworthy is not what you need to do, what you need to do is accept his offer to be your savior, know him and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings, and be conformed to His death (Philippians 3:10).

Nobody ever got a good thing by whining around about how undeserving they are. However they did by owning that they deserve the good coming their way.

Every Easter until Jesus comes is going to have powerful messages on the potency of the Blood of Jesus, the significance of his death and resurrection, and teachings on how Easter is important to you as a child of God. I am all for that! I am also going to stream, get blessed and be transformed by all those messages, but my interest today is how your life has changed by knowing all these things? What decisions have you taken after realizing all Jesus went through for you? What confidence does the miracle of his death and resurrection give you?

How are you going to live up to his sacrifice since you will never be able to repay it?

The entire Philippians chapter 3 highlights Apostle Paul giving us his own answers.

His life was completely changed by the realization of how magnificent the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was. He understood the mysteries, battles, and compared it all with reality and hence declared that he pursues as his goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus (3:14). The resurrection formed the basis of his confidence in the second coming of Christ, making him declare that “our citizenship is in heaven, from which (from heaven) which we also eagerly wait for a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ” (3:20)

While I was pondering on this Easter revelation from the scriptures and trying to draft out this blog post in my head, I had a conversation with a friend who had beautiful views on our citizenship status as believers. Certain countries of the world are considered so powerful; anyone who has a citizenship there has made it in life. These countries are man-made systems full of flaws and errors, yet many desire them and can do the unimaginable to attain their citizenship. Then here we are, the ones created in love by the Father, washed and purified in the blood of His Son, possessing a citizenship we didn’t do unspeakable or torturous things to get, of a Kingdom that has no end, no errors in its operating system and is divinely controlled at no cost at all, hesitating to embrace our identity as citizens of Kingdom established forever. Sad if you ask me!

Accepting Jesus and living in Christ is the first step in the citizenship acquisition process but some of us are not even willing to start. Even when we start up the process, we dislike the laws of God, term the mindset of Christ as too rigid and give no room for it to be established in our hearts hence our citizenship status remains pending for nearly forever and we go about envying those who have actual rights to the Kingdom and enjoy uncommon privileges.

I chose violence today and I know it. Since Jesus was killed in without mercy, my tone might not come off as soothing to you in today’s post but I earnestly desire that everyone who reads this realizes how important being changed by the sacrifice of Christ is. Our mindsets need to change, our though patterns, character and everything else. Why you ask? Because we have encountered a man who died, was buried, resurrected after three days, ascended into heaven, as we speak is seated at the right hand of God the Father, and can come at any minute to take his bride (the body of Christ, children of God, all believers) to be with him forever.

All bible quotations and excerpts taken from The Holman Christian Standard Bible

Happy Easter Child of Light,

Blessings love and light.

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Crystabel Nnamdi,

For Lumiere de Dieu

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