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The book of Isaiah chapter 9:6 (NKJV) foretells of a COUNSELOR that will come into the world to save mankind. Not only did this promise materialize, but we are currently living in a time where the Counselor is just one prayer away.

This morning, my mother shared some scriptural insight with me and it has together with some other things, formed the blog post for FELLOWSHIP FRIDAY today.

One of the inspirations of FELLOWSHIP FRIDAY is from my secondary school. There was FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) every Friday and looking back, some messages preached then were really what would take me through the coming week till the next Friday; not necessarily the Sunday sermons because I sometimes found the sermons highly repetitive (people who went to my school can relate😂). Friday is usually a day that seems shorter (I don't know why😄) and is the pathway to the weekend break everyone has patiently waited for all week! TGIF and other posts trend today but in this space, Friday is a time for Fellowship which according to Wiktionary is "A company of people that share the same interest or aim".

Bearing this in mind dear child of light, I enjoin you to make it a date to come fellowship with the Lord here every Friday😊.

Now back to the post.

The Counselor who was promised in Isaiah 9:6 dwells in our heart and as the beginning and the end according to Revelation 1:8, he is the best person to give advice since he knows everything.

So many of us seek counsel from God as if we are just informing him of our plans not like we really need his opinion so being the God he is, he either let's you follow through or if he is so invested in that choice, he will find a way to set you right. Of course by now you know that God is not a God of coercion if not serving him would've never been a choice; the awareness of this therefore establishes the fact that God actually allows us carry out our plans but one great thing he can do for us is to COUNSEL us.

Now I am not going to bore you with scriptures from the book of Proverbs that talk about those who refuse to heed Godly counsel, but when God advices you and you don't take it, apparently you know better so you need to gird yourself for whatever you encounter along the way. This is where I now head to the anchor scripture for this post.

Joshua 9:14 (NKJV) "Then the men of Israel took some of their provisions; but they did not ask counsel of the Lord"

The story in this entire chapter is centered on the Gibeonites, their deception and how the children of Israel in a haste, made a covenant that they will grudgingly have to keep forever.

The children of Israel are the very ones who seek God's face (counsel) before every battle, when they are hungry and need food, when there isn't water to drink, when people are sick and perishing, almost every single thing they did had some backing from God because most times his counsel was sought after but this time, they just saw wretched looking men with stale bread and boom! They made a covenant without asking the God that had led them up from Egypt and given them landslide victories over all the surrounding kingdoms and nations what he thought about the whole scenario. Eventually the men were frauds but a covenant had been struck and God who is a just and unfailing God, respects covenants deeply.

We all seek the face of God when it's a huge issue but God is saying today that sometimes even the choice of where to buy food needs his counsel so you don't fall into the trap of the enemy or become a prey in the hands of the ungodly. This lesson is ringing like a bell in my head and I am actually understanding that I tend to leave God out in some choices I consider small then only involve him with the big things meanwhile if we are really friends, I am supposed to let him know ALL my plans and then hear what he has to say.

I need you to understand that seeking his counsel doesn't mean he will chat you up on Instagram and tell you not to link up with friends or that you will see him beside your bed discussing your love life but he could use the Godly people around you, make your spirit either troubled towards a plan or flowing with peace like a river concerning an arrangement or he could just put a scripture in your head and you open it to find your answers.

If you are a friend of God, God definitely speaks but you need to maintain this relationship by seeking counsel ALWAYS from the counselor.

A fellow who abounds in Godly counsel never gets it wrong so here I'd like to ask: Are you a friend of God? Has your friendship gotten to the level where you can now tell him everything and take his counsel? Do you have Godly people around you? Do you seek God's counsel concerning even the little things?

If you cannot answer the first question because you have not given your life to Jesus, not to worry dear😊 the love of Jesus is so encompassing it can contain you too! All you need do is to pray as you read this in your heart and say "Lord Jesus, I want to be your friend. I repent of all my sins so I ask that you kindly cleanse me of all my unrighteous. I cannot walk life alone without an amazing God like you before me and with me always. Please help me to be your child and to fellowship with you always. I love you and I want to do your will so I pray you come into my heart and take over my being. Thank you for welcoming me into your awesome family of light. Your child...(add your name).

If you just said this prayer then I am delighted to welcome you to the family of light. John 1:5 says "And the light shines in darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it" so from today the darkness of this world has no place in you. If you need to talk more, email me

Stay blessed!❤️

To the rest of us 🥰 ,for the questions above I don't expect an answer in the comment section but in your heart.

Let's walk towards fixing things with God and enhancing our Fellowship with him.

Have a great weekend and continue to dwell in the secret place of the Most High❤️.

Blessings, love and light 💡

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