Broken Heels crush serpents heads.

I have been postponing my fitness journey for too long. Last year, I saw the power of consistency, but when my jump ropes got bad, I sort of slipped away.

This morning, I knew the rest time was done. I had to get back right into it.

My head has been unclear for days and I have also discovered that exercise has a way of giving me clarity. As I picked up the ropes and connected to my Bluetooth speaker, I heard "Girl, Get up!".

It is a popular phrase from one of Sarah Jakes Roberts most viral messages. She preached at Free Chapel over a year ago and God has used those words to lift me out of some of the worst situations.

Everything she said was a word from God. Many of those words started by reminding me that I am human. I have made mistakes; healed from some of them, shouldering some, and tragically, as I progress in life, I will make more. I will not play God and clothe myself in righteousness. Instead I will keep rededicating myself so God helps me everyday.

Girl Get Up!

You have slept for too long, you have been at the bottom for too long.

Get up!

You have wallowed in your mistakes for too long and allowed brokenness be your only name. Girl, get up!

This charge is one that every child of God, not just women, need. We need to shake ourselves free from the shackles of everything and get up!

As I write this, I am starring at my wall where a sticky note with a scripture is pasted.

Therefore, since we have this ministry because we were shown mercy, WE DO NOT GIVE UP!
2 Corinthians 4: 1 (HCSB)

I write this post for myself and for many others. Get up! God wants you to keep going.

Watch the full video on YouTube here

God bless you.

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