LETTERS TO GOD THROUGH POSTMAN CRYSTABEL starts by 10am today the 27th of August 2020 and will run for every Thursday a letter is available.

But before I start posting the letters, I wrote down all my thoughts I'd admonish you to read to give your a clearer perspective on what we are talking about.





I think the enemy is scared a lot of things will change when people start writing letters to God so he has been fighting subtly in everyway possible.

I've been up since 3am to add finishing touches to the blog post but my system has been misbehaving.

Earlier this week when the revelation for this came, I remembered that I had gotten it before so in order not to forget it again, I took my time to send Voicenotes to a good number of people I talk with often. While some didn't even bother to listen, another group felt it was a weird concept, some asked questions they knew I had no answers to so they could ultimately not be part of it, and then some were delighted and as excited as I was to write letters, support, pray and be a part of it too.

Here's something I have learnt overtime, things do not always go as we plan but there is a God who makes sure everything is set and carries out his promises completely without any falling to the ground.

The past few weeks have been challenging for me. From three rejection emails for work and different things I applied for, to a loss in a business I just started, to heavy anxiety and so much more.

I was in a bad place and to post for other people to read actually requires you to be in place where you can to an extent be stable. I know that I am forever clothed with the happiness that comes from being a child of God but it doesn't mean there won't be bad days which is why I am putting aside my earthly struggles to do the work of the Kingdom in my care and ensure it suffers no setbacks.

When I posted my failure story here a while back, I was overwhelmed at how many people reached out, how many renewed their vows with God and the number of people God drew to himself because of my failure and how terribly life had treated me. If you have no other reason to share your letters to God containing all the thoughts you'd love to send to him directly, think about lives that could be transformed, hearts that could be mended, souls that could be saved and all the amazing things that can happen by simply sharing something real to you.

Every Thursday, except if there are no letters, I'd be posting letters here on the blog of ordinary people with an extraordinary God they know reads the thoughts of their heart on technological devices or scribbled down on processed trees with ink.

This space is the Light of God and it is my mandate to shine that light in every way I can through any means right and worthy.

Please dear family of light, read these letters without judgement, resentment and most importantly to help yourself find common ground where you can communicate with God as you are. Too many people pretend these days and so even when they go to God to talk or seek him in prayer and all, the smile on their face is painted, their Worship attitude is a sham and they are trying so hard to impress a God that sees their brokenness transparently.

I pray these letters make you realize that you should be thankful as some people have it worse and they're doing okay. I trust God this will change not only my life but the life of every reader.

If you read any letter and you want to reach out to writer, let me know. I'll contact the person and seek their permission; if they are okay with it, I will connect you guys. You might need help and want the help they got, you might have solutions to their problems, you could have something positive to offer, but I'll need to know your intentions at the very least before I link you up with someone that summoned the courage of Joshua to tell their story.

These letters are also a call for intercession. As you read, pray for the children of God writing to their Heavenly Father who's love for us limitless and is plenteous in mercy. You will read letters of people who can't forgive themselves so it is your duty as a child of God to support them not only with kind and uplifting words in the comment section, but to pray for them.

I have Faith in God unshaken as the solid rock on which I stand, that this series will be a massive blessing to all who follow it with a heart of Jesus and the love of a Father who sacrificed his only begotten son for our reconcilation to him.

Thank you for being a part of this blog, thank you for helping a young girl carry out her heavenly mandate, thank you for subscribing to be a part of the dream to spread the gospel of Jesus and shine his light one blog post at a time, thank for your honesty, feedbacks, love, support, criticism, prayers and for sharing this Goodnews you have heard instead of hoarding it. Thank you for believing in a power higher than I and understanding perfectly that I am human but all that happens in this space is orchestrated than a power greater than any force in this world with the capacity to pull down every stronghold and everything that seeks to exalt itself above the name of Jesus. Thank you for believing in a God who loved you so much he is ready to give up anything just so you can fall genuinely in love with him. And finally, thank you for allowing the light of Jesus penetrate your heart so much so that even if you don't like reading, you are constantly delighted to come to this space and read every post.

I thank you with gratitude in my heart that cannot be quantified. God bless you all for being a part of this family. I love you!

Letters to God through Postman Crystabel mailed by Lumière de Dieu mailing services is officially open in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Send in your letters, God loves you!

By 10am today, we begin!

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