Be Extravagant!

What you are about to read dear child of light will possibly change your perception on Extravagance in asking from God so I'd suggest that you read with an open mind and I pray that the almighty God will give your heart understanding.

According to Poet Assistant (a dictionary), The word Extravagant means recklessly wasteful or unrestrained. It could be replaced with the word Lavish which means "very generous".

To ASK is the act or process of making a demand from someone, could also mean to request from someone and finally it could be to make inquiries.

The old testament makes use of the word "inquire" a lot especially as pertains to seeking the face of God, making requests from God or trying find out God's opinion on the issue/issues at hand. That simply tells us that asking doesn't always have to be requests, it could be mere enquires or information finding.

Isaiah 7:10-11 (read from the message bible) passes across a powerful message which is the pivotal point of today's post.

God spoke again to Ahaz. This time he said, “Ask for a sign from your God . Ask anything. Be extravagant. Ask for the moon! Isaiah 7:10‭-‬11 MSG

Syria and Israel wanted to war against Jerusalem the house of David/ Judah the city of the great King but the attack didn't work out. The children of David however were shaken. Not only by the news of Israel a sister nation's betrayal, but by how mighty the army of their enemies would be. God sent Isaiah the Prophet to pass him message of encouragement to them and to offer words of cheer as well as prophecies. God assured Ahaz the King through Isaiah that those guys had nothing on his kingdom, then God came to speak to him again urging him to ask for a sign.

Personally, I believe the sign God wanted him to ask for was a sign of victory against the enemies or a sign of what to do or a confirmation of what he (God) had already spoken through Isaiah and this is where God gave the king the platform to ask even for the moon!

Then guess what? The king said "no. He cannot test God like that"

When I read this part I won't lie, I was pissed! How will God say you should ask, he is the person that said ask and you are bothered about testing him? Well whatever the King's reason for being that way was, it was an avenue for God to send word about his son Immanuel who eventually wasn't born then but thousands of years later.

What I wish to talk about most today, is the manner in which God allowed the King to ask of him.

Be extravagant! Ask for anything!

The discovery of this message made me realize that God validates my feelings and whatever it is, I should ask.

However, one mistake a lot of us make is that we believe we're supposed to get everything we ASK for, so we ask with the mindset of preparing the action plan of getting our demands for someone who had redemption planned out thousands of years ago. We will even go further to quote Matthew 7:7 and be like "ask and it shall be given unto you". Right now I'm glad you pulled out that scripture because the word "shall" represents probability— it may or may not happen,it may or may not be given to you but what's the central truth of the story? ASK.

Don't mince words expressing yourself to God. Better to talk to him than to say a few things to him then tell mortals who can do little or nothing about the situation. Enquiry never hurt anybody, and it sure won't hurt to ask and ask extravagantly for this risk is indeed worth taking since he is the one charging you with the order of Extravagant and lavish asking.

We are going to paint the picture of a rich uncle coming to visit your family. He is leaving and asks you for how much you want. You know this uncle is beyond rich;he is wealthy but you purpose in your heart to ask him for two thousand naira to buy your data/monthly subscription. Your brother on the other hand who understands the concept of lavish requests, asks him for three million and he instantly tears out a cheque and issues it with instructions on how to cash the cheque and all. Who lost because they refused to be unrestrained with their asking? You!

That is exactly how it is with God. Whether he will do it or not (I am sure by now you know that you father owns the whole world!) just ask! Let your father decide what he wants to give you and when he wants to but please, don't be asking somebody who created the Kings that say "ask me, even up to half of my kingdom and it will be given thee" for daily bread as if he can't give you the bakery!

Since the day I found this out, no matter how difficult it is or will be, I have made up my mind to ASK. I will ask and believe that my father will give it to me. If he doesn't, I will still be fine but the joy that I didn't pass on an opportunity to have exactly what I wanted would still be there and will certainly motivate me to ask lavishly again when the need arises.

Let's still talk about this in the comment section, I'd appreciate it 😊💕.

Blessings, love and light.

Thanks for reading.

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