A guide to experiencing God's peace: The Philippians approach.

I am writing this post after an uncommon revelation I got through the scriptures recently.

A devotional plan I was reading on Youversion, had me searching myself deeply after I read it. One of the scriptures making up the devotional is a scripture I have highlighted in the past but the message felt new to me.

Verse 6: Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.
Verse 7: Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7 NLT

These verses convicted me the moment I set eyes on them. Sad because prior to this time, they were highlighted; meaning I had read them before and found them meaningful enough to highlight, yet I wasn’t living in the awareness of the power they carry.

The first verse gives a straight forward approach which opens up the way to access God’s peace as explained in verse two.

1. Don’t worry about ANYTHING read that again!

2. Pray about EVERYTHING emphasis on the last word!

3. Tell God what you NEED not WANT. We often make this mistake a lot and wonder why certain things didn’t come through for us. Not like He isn’t the God who can provide wants; just prioritize your needs before your wants. Although we might convince ourselves of such requests being our needs, the Lord who searches the heart knows sincerely that those things are mere desires, wants, stuff we can do without, not pressing needs; which is why he might not take them as seriously as he would take a need.

4. Thank him for ALL he has done. If we are being honest, it is easy to forget the days of plenty when times are sour. We forget quickly how God has done mighty works in the past and we place so much emphasis on our current situation, translating to ingratitude and further causing our faith to waiver. Thanking God in hard times is a hack to help you build your faith.

There was this time I was really sick, this happened not so long ago; matter of factly, this year. I went to church, worshiped, prayed and before service ended, I was feeling much better. A little nap at noon that Sunday and next thing I felt weak again. The sickness was progressing fast and in no time I couldn’t move my body from the position I assumed when I lay down to nap.

It got scary because when I nearly lost my life in 2018, the major incident that was the starting point to how severe my illness became that year, was characterized by all the things I was feeling at that moment. The enemy was speaking all sorts of things to me, whispering death, telling me “Last time this happened, you almost died. How are you sure you will make it this time?” I began calling friends. I was too scared to call my parents; I knew they would panic in a manner that would shake me terribly. Unfortunately or let’s say so the lord could build me up himself, none of them picked or answered with prayers.

I knew instantly that this was a battle I had to fight alone with God on my side. I mustered strength and began to play a Tongues chant. Lying there, I began to recall the goodness of God, I was giving God all his words back, telling him all he had done and why this wouldn’t be an issue. Then I moved up to telling the voices in my head who I was. In 2018, I didn’t know I was the righteousness of God, I had no idea my name was inscribed on the palms of his hand, I was unaware of how deeply loved by God I was. Now in 2021, I know all these things so whatever could oppress me on the basis of my ignorance prior to now, could no longer have access to me.

With holy anger, I grabbed my rosary and continued talking about my identity in Christ. Initially my chest was feeling stuffed. I couldn’t breathe in or out properly, I would sigh deeply as I spoke. However, as I continued speaking these words of life, I began to feel relief in my system, like some pathway in my system was clearing and I was getting myself.

Aha! I sat up on my bed and prayed violently, I mean shaking my head, hands and engaging in all that body gymnastics. By the time I was done, I got up soaked in sweat, wiped my sweat, had a bath and till this moment I haven’t had any relapse neither have I experienced any signs of sickness.

I got to this point by explaining why we should thank God for all he has done. Gratitude will offer you the solace, encouragement, morale and energy you didn’t even know you needed. Praying about everything won’t calm you as instantly as gratitude, thanksgiving and praise will.

Now here is the interesting part, doing all these things, handling whatever life throws at you with this approach, automatically makes you the recipient of God’s peace ─ a peace like nothing this world knows ─ peace you cannot even explain. Your heart is feeble at this point and so the bible tells us this peace will guard your heart and minds as you live in Christ.

Continuing to live in Christ despite unfavorable time’s means you are now a bona fide Child of God. Children don’t run away from home due to the unavailability of food and other necessities, they don’t disown their parents when their fees are paid late; instead they encourage their parents and hope things get better─ exactly what our sonship with God should be. We can’t opt and leave when the going gets tough. We are already in his house technically he lives in us so we have to continue to live in Him.

This post is more for me than any other person. I am a repentant worrier who is constantly asking God for the grace to surrender all every time and trust boldly. It gets easier everyday still; I am not where I hope to be.

When I remind myself of scriptures like this, I smile and say “Crystabel no too reason am, you go dey alright”. Now I’m transferring these words to you too friend; experience God’s peace as described in Philippians by using the guide offered and Our Gracious Father will continue to cradle you in his everlasting joy.

It feels good to be back, good to post on the blog, and I appreciate all the check up questions. I am good, I will keep showing up for God here, and we will all make Heaven in Jesus name.

Blessings, love, light, this time I am adding hugs because we all need it.

Crystabel, for Lumiere de Dieu

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