A Cold Zobo

I went to buy food some weeks ago and since they had "cold sobo" Zobo (a drink made from hibiscus). I bought and while sipping it as I read for my exams, I remembered a funny event that occurred years back.

When I was in my first year at the university, the phone I was using didn’t use to receive alerts; be it debit or credit, I would never see a notification of any sort. During the end of one month, I withdrew the last of the coins in my coffers and decided to handle it prudently in anticipation of when a replenishment would come. The new month came and forgetting that I didn’t get notifications, I kept managing in hunger. Worse, the money I had set aside to manage was stolen and I feared calling my dad because I didn’t want to “disturb” him.

Days were passing by and I couldn’t ask anyone for help, so I resorted to gathering empty plastic bottles for the women who made "cold sobo" Zobo. 3 bottles went for 5 naira at that time so imagine how many I would pick up to get hundred naira. Eventually, they reduced it to 2 bottles for five naira, and thus my side hustle began. I went combing everywhere for bottles after people had used them, even to the disdain of those around me. Everyone kept telling me to call my dad but I refused. I didn’t want to bother the one who in this case had solutions to my problems.

One day, my father called me and said “you haven’t told me thank you for the money I sent you since”.

Ehn??? Money?? Since??

I told him honestly that I didn’t get an alert and I didn’t know he had sent anything. He sent some more money again and told me to check, I didn’t still see anything. He then advised me to go to the bank in Abakaliki town to check my account balance. I got there after trekking how many kilometers (okay people who knew the old female hostel in my school should know that I trekked from my hostel to the University’s main gate under the scorching sun). I had exactly 200 naira for my transport and 10 naira to drink water after my trek. This story is funny now, but that day, it was terrible.

I got to the bank in town and behold! I had a surplus in my account and I was living miserably all along. I had more than enough yet I was looking forward to when someone would use a bottle and throw it away so I could either pick it from the dustbin or ask them to hand it to me. Another funny thing was people who were supposed to be my friends, even after the situation, continued to use it to make fun of me. They would use a bottle and throw it at me like “Crystabel I thought you collect bottles”.

I shared this piece about myself to one end, you are rich in God.

God has availed us the wonders of his grace and mercy but we are sometimes unaware or bent on striving after those things ourselves. You know, the enemy never wants you to realize who you are in Christ. He wants to have you in a chokehold so you continue going through the trash when your father is the benefactor of the whole world. Sometimes God himself even reaches out to awaken us from that false reality— dreams, visions, his word, and many other ways he utilizes to inform us of who we are or what we can be in Him, but we seem too content where we are. We believe we shouldn’t “disturb” him.

Today I advise you to perish that idea.

If I disobeyed my Dad on that day, my period of lack would have been prolonged. It is yet another reason why we should believe God when he talks to us, and obey.

To this day, I am glad about the way things turned out.

Remembering this event while sipping cold zobo some weeks back, was definitely God’s way of passing these messages across to me. God is intentional about us coming to Him with our issues. He wants us to know we have support in Him and I genuinely pray for you that however hilarious my Zobo story may be, you learn to lean on God completely rather than think you may be “disturbing him”.

As for the picture, maybe you should watch the skit "this is a sobo, a cold sobo" for more reference.

Happy Easter guys, Jesus loves you!

Crystabel Nnamdi

Child of Light,

For Lumiere de Dieu.

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