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Growing up in Sunday school, Sin was defined as anything you think of, say or do that does not please God. The definition stands true and I twisted it, to begin with, our thoughts because actions are products of what the mind has conceived but sin is not only a conscious act.

Did you know sin could be unconscious?

I'm sure someone is already asking how this may be. I was studying Psalm 19:7-14 and when I got to verses 12&13, the Holy Spirit helped me understand why the psalmist pleaded with God to cleanse him of his hidden sins. The word hidden means unknown, it means something has not been brought to light for you.

Sin can be unintended, without your knowledge or committed in the absence of consciousness that is you were not aware that a particular action you took was sinful. Sin can also be willful, intentional and with full awareness of the individual who has sinned.

In the Psalm, David asked God to wash him and cleanse him of sins that he was not aware of; the sins he unconsciously fell into. Sometimes we feel guilty of doing certain things or taking actions and it eats up our hearts, like David all we have to do is ask for his cleansing whenever we feel we have done something but are not sure if we have sinned or not.

David went on to point out that there are sins we commit knowing fully well they are sins, we dive into doing these things not because we want to but because we cannot help ourselves or hold back from doing such things. He tells God to keep him away from deliberate sins, to hold him back; to keep him distant from those sins so that they don't have power over him.

Sin whether committed consciously or unconsciously leads to death (Romans6:23) hence the need to always ask God to keep us away from sin or to ask for mercy when we are unsure of our actions. God intends for us to live above sin which is why He has given us grace and is always merciful to help us when we fall short.

Today, what sin is attempting to keep you bound?

What sin threatens your love walk? What is that thing that you have tried on your own to stop but are unable to?

Get on your knees and ask that God holds you back from doing them so they do not overcome your life. It takes a heart of understanding to know that you cannot succeed against sin on your own, in your own strength so why not turn to God for help.

All have sinned but what makes you different from the other person is your ability to know you are weak and in need of help and ask for that help. Realize that you are capable of sinning and ask God to keep you from those sins you get tempted to leap into so that you attain freedom from Him.

The benefits of being sin-free include:

You become complete and blameless.

You become free from constant rebellion.

You are acceptable before God.

Blessing Abashe,

For Lumiere de Dieu.

About the Guest Author.

Blessing Abashe is a Registered Nurse who is also a friend and lover of God. She is an avid reader, a lover of good music with a beautiful voice, a singer (in church only), a promising writer, and an encourager.

You can connect with Blessing on Instagram @_shumtiwal

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